Its been a while

2012-11-03 01:20:58 by jbotsd

Wow its been over a year since actually logging in. Still lurking for games and movies everyday but i havent logged in :(

So heres an update.

Studio is looking good and I just installed an Amek console in her the other day so shes looking and sounding very nice :)

I may start making some more music to whack up on ng as its been a while. Expect more original stuff and not just bands ive tracked.

Check out the studio website or like us on fb

Time to get active

Its been a while


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2012-11-12 10:24:59

Sweet mixing rig. I sadly do everything in the box with headphone monitors. I know you mostly do keyboard stuff, but do you play anything else?

jbotsd responds:

I mostly record bands at work. When i do play around with the odd electronic music everything just ends up in the box. Projects like that are only ever hobby projects to get over listening to bands play things badly :P. I also play guitar and bass ( couldn't play drums if my life depended on it) :3