2013-09-19 13:13:07 by jbotsd

This one is about a spaceman


2013-09-17 02:11:14 by jbotsd

Im in the process of selling the studio i work in and make more use of my time writing my own music :D

so expect more stuff from me ::DD::D:D:D:D

Its been a while

2012-11-03 01:20:58 by jbotsd

Wow its been over a year since actually logging in. Still lurking for games and movies everyday but i havent logged in :(

So heres an update.

Studio is looking good and I just installed an Amek console in her the other day so shes looking and sounding very nice :)

I may start making some more music to whack up on ng as its been a while. Expect more original stuff and not just bands ive tracked.

Check out the studio website or like us on fb

Time to get active

Its been a while

the new "office"

2010-11-30 13:17:54 by jbotsd

just moved into a new house and set up my temporary office for the time being. . in the current process or organising a premises for the new studio and should have that ready by june 2011.

also got a brand new pair of adam a5x's not in the pic . . will take more later :D

the new "office"

Winds of Plague next week

2009-10-29 01:53:42 by jbotsd

next week shall be good . .

our bands co headlining winds of plague at the civic hotel on wednesday

and got a new job finally

now i can start looking for a new house :)

anyways go watch my bands new song from out last gig

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